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Our Team

Jeff Deal, CSCS, CES, TPI-1, Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist, Owner

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Jeff and his family moved from the DC area to in 2009 so that their new family could live the beach life! Jeff opened iDEAL Fitness in 2012 and has loved every second of it! After graduating with BS in Exercise Science from JMU Jeff initially worked in physical therapy offices designing corrective exercise programs. He incorporates those years in PT into his corrective exercise programs.  Jeff thinks he's a part-time comedian but his true talent in life is quoting movies(not much of a talent). Jeff started iDEAL Fitness to have a place where everyone feels welcome and everyone regardless of fitness level can improve their health.

Favorite non-gym exercise: Beach Volleyball

Favorite healthy food: Roasted Brussel Sprouts

(w/ Trader Joes' Everything but the Bagel Seasoning!)

Favorite non-healthy food: Ice cream and egg nog 

Marianne Gerber, CPT

Marianne started off at iDEAL Fitness as a member in 2013 and quickly caught the fitness bug. She went from a complete novice to holding several iDEAL records in no time! As a member Marianne always wanted to know more about the how's and why's of her exercise program and began researching health and fitness topics for fun on her own. Other members already thought of her as a trainer even before making the switch because she was always helping others even if it meant taking a break from her own workout. The switch to trainer was natural and seamless. Her positive and uplifting attitude is unlike anyone you'll ever find, especially at 6:00 in morning! Marianne is available for personal training sessions and also teaches some of our group training sessions. She can work with anyone but loves to work with people that are in the boat she used to be in, who haven't yet discovered the magic of well they can feel when the right program is introduced to their lives!

Weird Fact about Her: She a "Fanilow" a.k.a A Barry Manilow fan.

Favorite healthy food: Marianne's Muscle Muffins, (obviously!)

Favorite non-healthy food: Cupcake icing!!! 

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Jenn Strach, CPT

Jenn is a bit of a Virginia Beach "Fitness Legend". She has been teaching different programs in the area for years and has the same body fat percentage as a motorcycle engine! She starting working at iDEAL Fitness in 2015 and is admired and loved by all iDEAL members. Jenn is a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and full time mom of three.  She’s a Virginia Beach native who graduated from JMU with an accounting degree and then later discovered a passion for fitness.  She has been a certified fitness instructor since 2007 and certified personal trainer since 2011.  Jenn has specialized in pre/post natal fitness and taught a variety of classes over the year.  She enjoys training the members just as much as the opportunity to workout side by side with them.  Jenn truly loves fitness and wellness and her goal is to help everyone to find a program that motivates them to workout and feel good about themselves.

Fun Fact-Jenn is a Choco-holic

Favorite Healthy Food- Chocolate

Favorite Non-Healthy Food- Chocolate

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