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fit over 40

Personal Training 


Virginia Beach, va

fit over 40

Personal Training 

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Why Is Fit Over 40 The Fitness Program For You?

From day one in the Fit Over 40 program, our team will provide you with the personalized care and support to challenge your body and have fun in the process. This program offers professional instruction and a laid-back environment where you get the very most out of your body. 

iDEAL Fitness can help people over 40 across Virginia Beach: 

  • Build functional strength across your entire body

  • Boost Metabolism

  • Maintain a healthy, stable weight 

  • Improve mobility and flexibility 

Fit Over 40 Is The Best Fitness Program In Virginia Beach.

At iDEAL Fitness, our team understands that as you age, your body undergoes certain changes that make losing weight and maintaining muscle tone more difficult. With a slowing metabolism, decrease in lean muscle tone, and hormonal changes, you may be finding that what once worked for you isn’t having the same result it used to. We understand how confusing and frustrating taking control of your health and fitness can be and that’s exactly why our expert coaching team developed the

Fit over 40 Program. 

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