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For Juniors/Teens

Holding a Golf Ball

The Added Edge Your Child Needs
To Excel on the Course

Participants may start as early as middle school.
Our program is designed 
specifically to improve the strength and stability of teen/"tween" golfers.


Jr. Drive sessions are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30pm. All sessions are designed and lead by a certified Titleist Performance Institute trainer. Most of our athletes have had little to no prior experience with a training program and it is not needed to participate.

Jr. Drive Group Classes

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Our evaluation will analyze your movement patterns and diagnose physical limitations. We'll also analyze your golf swing to identify where your body-swing connection could be failing. This gives us the basis to which exercises are right for you and improving your game.

Golf specific training to improve your game. Drive Training encompasses everything that makes a golf swing work. Increased range of motion, power and flexibility all play major roles in getting the most out of your swing. Your training will create an awareness of good movement patterns, added flexibility, increased club head speed and help to prevent injury.


Track and improve your club speed, distance, power and more! All sessions on the Trackman are recorded so you can see first hand how you're improving with Drive!

Why Drive Works


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