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Drive is the first program of it's kind in Hampton Roads.
Specifically designed to improve your hitting distances, overall golf performance and increase your 
longevity on the course. 

Our Process:

All drive participants begin with 12-step screening process specific to the golf swing. This process is to identify muscular imbalances, weaknesses within the kinetic chain, posture and mobility limitations. A deficiency in any of the tests can affect a player's efficiency or cause overuse injuries if not addressed. Following the screen you will be given a report on your screen and how the findings can effect your golf swing.

All one-on-one Drive Performance programs are designed based on the results of your screen. 

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Drive Performance Training:

Drive training focuses on improving all the physical aspects of your golf swing.
Your game will improve by increasing your power, flexibility, and body-swing connection with our specialized training. Each Drive Training session is limited in capacity so that we can maximize your results. Click Here for our Drive Performance Training schedule.

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The Personalized Approach
Work one-on-one with a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Trainer on your own schedule. Your individual training program will be designed specific to you and your needs. 
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Drive Performance Training Program.

Our movement screen and evaluation will analyze your movement patterns

and diagnose physical limitations. This gives us the basis to which exercises are right for you and improving your game.

Golf specific training to improve your game. Drive Training encompasses everything that makes a golf swing work. Increased range of motion, power and flexibility all play major roles in getting the most out of your swing. Your training will create an awareness of good movement patterns, added flexibility, increased club head speed and help to prevent injury.

Improving your body-swing connection. Learning how to transfer power throughout your body while stabilizing your body. A golf swing is not a normal motion and your training program should help you move through that motion.

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